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High-Tech Chelated Nano Fertilizers


High-tech chelated nano fertilizers are new products designed and manufactured based on Chelate Compounds technology, which is patented in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This novel technology is used in the production of high-tech fertilizers with unique, incredible results in farms, gardens and greenhouses (soil-based or hydroponic).

High-tech chelated nano fertilizers are soluble in water with higher absorption rate, even in alkaline and salty soils as compared with the best existing chemical and chelated fertilizers in the world. These fertilizers are absorbable through foliar spraying as well as all kinds of soil application methods (various irrigation types). They are normally applied in farms, gardens and greenhouses as supplements along with manures and chemical fertilizers. Their application not only increases the absorption rate of base fertilizers *, but reduces the consumption amounts of chemical fertilizers, the result of which is significant increase in yield & quality, resistance to pests, diseases & stresses, reduction in need for pesticides and finally improvement in crops health. In gardens and greenhouses, depending on farmers’ preference, chemical fertilizers can be completely replaced with high-tech chelated nano fertilizers.

If the instructions are followed properly, we guarantee higher yield & top-quality crops. Therefore, using these products is a worthwhile, profitable investment.

* Base fertilizers are the main fertilizers for plants such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium; either chemical fertilizers or animal/green manures; the best examples of chemical fertilizers are urea, potassium sulfate and triple superphosphate



Absorbable and applicable through both soil application & foliar spraying


Nano scale


Controlled release property


Stable at various pH levels (3-11) and salty soils


Complete purity when mass produced


Less leaching compared to chemical fertilizers


Significant improvement in plant metabolism


No environmental pollution, leading to higher health levels


Higher structural stability (resistance to decomposition) when exposed to sunlight in comparison to the best chelates in the world


Higher & more efficient absorption with lower applicable doses compared to chemical fertilizers


Unlike other chelated fertilizers, high-tech nano chelated fertilizers do not contain any hormones, and therefore are not harmful. Chelated fertilizers like EDDHA, EDDHMA and EDDHSA are considered hormonal due to having ethylene as a growth hormone (shown with letter E as in EDDHA).


The first non-metal nano fertilizers in the world with Chelate Compounds structure & higher absorption rate of macroelements


✔ Salinity

Without causing soil salinity

✔ Bio-Friendliness

Without causing environmental pollution (nitrates & heavy metals)

✔ Yield

Agricultural yield increase (20%-200%)

✔ Resistance

Increase in resistance to stresses (temperature, soil salinity, etc.)

✔ Immunity

Increase in resistance to diseases & pests:

  • Reduced need for pesticides, leading to healthy crops

✔ Shelf-Life

Increase in durability (warehousing) period of agricultural crops

✔ Bio-Fortification

  • Protein increase in crops
  • Crops enrichment with micro & macro nutrients
  • Increase in secondary metabolites

✔ Quality

Quality improvement of agricultural crops:

  • Size, form and quality
  • Scent & taste


High-Tech Chelated Nano Microelements Fertilizers

High-Tech Chelated Nano Macroelements Fertilizers

High-Tech Chelated Nano Secondary Elements Fertilizers

High-Tech Chelated Nano Pest Control Fertilizers

High-Tech Chelated Nano Micro & Macro Elements Fertilizers

  • High-Tech Nano Chelated Fruit Set Fertilizer
    Composition: 6% Zinc, 3% Boron, 7% Nitrogen and 10% Potassium in Nano Chelated Form
    Weight: 1kg
    Form: Water Soluble Powder

    High-Tech Nano Chelated Fruit Set Fertilizer

  • High-Tech Nano Chelated Super Fertilizer (6-3-17+TE)
    Analysis: 6% Nitrogen, 3% Phosphorus, 17% Potassium, 3% Magnesium, 1% Calcium, 4% Iron, 4% Zinc, 2% Manganese, 0.5% Copper, 6% Sulfur, 0.5% Boron and 0.1% Molybdenum in Nano Chelated Form
    Weight: 1kg
    Form: Water Soluble Powder

    High-Tech Nano Chelated Super Fertilizer (6-3-17+TE)