High-Tech Nano Chelated Zinc Fertilizer 12%

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Improvement in Fertility & Seed Formation – Increase in Resistance to Stresses
This nano fertilizer is in powder form, completely soluble in water and absorbable through both foliar spraying (1.5 g/L) and soil application (4-6 kg/ha).

  • Properties
  • ✔ Containing 12% absorbable chelated zinc
  • ✔ Provoking germination, flowering and fruit production in plants
  • ✔ Efficient growth and ripening of crops as well as color improvement
  • ✔ Activating essential enzymes and producing growth hormones including auxin
  • ✔ Effective in chlorophyll production, respiration and acceleration of growth regulation & maturation
  • ✔ Effective in production of carbohydrates, protein increase and seed formation

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Direction for Use


  • First stage: at buds swelling
  • Second stage: at the beginning of fruit enlargement (before fruit ripening)
  • Third stage: after harvest (recovering damage caused by cultivation)


  • ✔ Seed priming
  • ✔ Apply twice between germination and flowering stages


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