High-Tech Nano Chelated Silicon Fertilizer 2%


Improvement in Crops Quality & Shelf-Life – Increase in Resistance to Diseases and Pests
This nano fertilizer is in liquid form, completely soluble in water and absorbable through both foliar spraying (1.5 cc/L) and soil application (5 L/ha).

  • Properties
  • ✔ Containing 2% chelated silicon; absorbable at pH 3-11
  • ✔ Without silicate in the form of salt
  • ✔ Disease prevention
  • ✔ Increase in resistance to pests (pistachio psylla, nematode, stem borer, etc.) and environmental stresses
  • ✔ Cell wall fortification
  • ✔ Yield & quality increase

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Direction for Use


  • ✔ At fruit formation

Farm (cereals)

  • ✔ At clustering


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