High-Tech Nano Chelated Calcium Fertilizer 7%


Increasing Warehousing Duration

This nano fertilizer is in powder form, completely soluble in water and absorbable through both foliar spraying (2 g/L) and soil application (4-8 kg/ha).

  • Properties
  • ✔ Containing 7% absorbable chelated calcium
  • ✔ Cell wall & membrane stability as well as cell development
  • ✔ Cation & anion balance, enzymes activation and osmotic pressure regulation
  • ✔ Root growth and prevention of damage caused by heat, cold and mechanical stresses such as wind
  • ✔ Quality & warehousing period increase, color improvement and reduction in physiological diseases such as blossom-end rot
  • ✔ Reduction in damage caused by bitter pit
  • ✔ Prevention of suberization, soft tissues, water core and fruit deformity
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Direction for Use


  • ✔ Apply 2 to 3 times after fruit formation until harvest


  • ✔ Apply 2 to 3 times after the beginning of stem elongation


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