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High-Tech Chelated Mineral Supplement


High-tech livestock, poultry and aquaculture feed supplements are new products manufactured based on Chelate Compounds technology, which is patented in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This novel technology is used in the production of high-tech livestock, poultry, aquaculture feed supplements with unique, incredible results in industrial farms.

Research has proven time and again that supplements designed based on Chelate Compounds technology enjoy higher absorption rate and are more bio-compatible compared to the best existing supplements in the world. Owing to the unique technology employed in the synthesis of these high-tech supplements, they are not subject to problems and limitations caused by mineral (inorganic) and chelated (organic) supplements.

According to the conducted studies in major laboratory and industrial farms, after using these high-tech supplements, the maximum production performance and minimum mortality rate were observed despite environmental stresses and outbreak of diseases. As a result, supplementing animals’ diet with these high-tech supplements is completely cost-effective in such a way that their benefit-cost ratio is several times higher than that of the existing organic/chelated supplements. Given the dramatic profitability of these supplements, many activists in livestock, poultry and aquaculture industries, who were not previously interested in using organic/chelated supplements, are now convinced to add these high-tech supplements to diets on farms. All the above are the results of simultaneous improvement in metabolism and immune system response achieved by consuming these high-tech supplements. They are therefore defined and known as “metabolism optimizers”.

Thus, using these products is a worthwhile, profitable investment in livestock, poultry and aquaculture industries.



Applicable in water & feed


Chelate Compounds


Controlled release property


Stable at wide pH levels & salty waters


Purity in mass production


Biocompatible structure


Metabolism optimizer


Without damaging biomolecules


Higher and more efficient absorption of elements compared to the best existing chelated (amino acids, etc.) and mineral supplements


✔ Efficacy

Improved performance on livestock, poultry and aquaculture farms

  • Increase in milk, meat and egg production

✔ Resistance

Increased resistance to environmental & temperature stresses

✔ Immunity

Increase in resistance to diseases & reduction in mortality rate

  • Reduced need for medications & antibiotics
  • Healthy milk, meat and egg production

✔ Cost

Reduced production cost


✔ Enrichment

Enriched milk, meat and egg production

✔ Quality

Quality improvement in production

  • Increased percentage of milk fat
  • Improved quality of meat


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