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Overview of Aquaculture Industry

The aquaculture industry supplies more than 55% of the aquatic products worldwide. According to the statistics of FAO, global fish production peaked at 122.580 million metric tons in 2020, worth $281 billion. China, Indonesia, India and Peru are respectively the first four countries in aquatic production in the world, while EU, the USA and Japan have the largest consumer market with consuming 64% of the total fish production. The average fish consumption is 20.5kg per capita worldwide.

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Relying on the results of various research proven, scientific studies and experiments and also in view of the market need, a unique product as a high-tech farmed fish supplement is produced for the first time in the world. The technology used in the production of this supplement is patented in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This supplement contains 8 micronutrients of copper, zinc, selenium, iron, chromium, cobalt, manganese and iodine in chelated form and guaranteed doses. This high-tech aquaculture chelated mineral supplement is available in two forms of powder (solid) & liquid. Some of the advantages of this supplement are:

  • ✔ Efficiency improvement
  • ✔ Fertility improvement of broodfish
  • ✔ Boosting immune system function & health
  • ✔ Reduction in rearing period and maintenance costs
  • ✔ Growth rate & feed conversion ratio (FCR) improvement
  • ✔ Mortality decrease at all growth stages, especially larval stage
  • ✔ Reduced need for medications & antibiotics, leading to reduction in treatment costs
  • ✔ Feed efficiency improvement (reduction in waste & minerals excretion and water quality deterioration)
  • ✔ Improvement in anti-oxidative property & increase in resistance to physical (water temperature), chemical (chemical contamination of water), biological (prevalence of pathogenic microorganisms and external & internal parasites) stresses and farming mismanagement (number of fish/m3 & their transfer, fish manipulation and therapeutic procedures)

It should be noted that depending on the nutritional requirements, size, genetics, line and breed, breeding system, duration of use, environmental conditions, etc., by consuming High-Tech Farmed Fish Chelated Mineral Feed Supplement, at least one of the above outcomes and profitabilities will be achieved. Therefore, using this supplement is incredibly cost-effective, with profits several times over the cost of purchasing this supplement.


Zinc Manganese Copper Selenium Iron Iodine Chromium Cobalt
24000 12000 1800 180 36000 1200 600 420
ppm (in chelated form)


  • ✔ This supplement, containing 8 important micronutrients in chelated form, is added to feed as an additive (on top); then, there is no need to change the diet, including any increase, decrease or alteration in feed ingredients or other routine mineral-based supplements.
  • ✔ Powder form of this supplement is manufactured for aquaculture feed factories and can be mixed with feed. This supplement is resistant to temperature in pellet making or extrusion processes. If you want to use powder form in fish farms, mix this supplement with feed after dissolving in water or spray on feed after filtration.
  • ✔ Liquid form of this supplement is manufactured for fish farms. If you want to use liquid form in fish farms, mix/spray this supplement with/on feed after dissolving in water.
  • ✔ It is essential to follow the consumption dose precisely to obtain desired results.

Consumption Dose

Powder Form
Factories: Mix 500g of powder form of this supplement with one metric ton of feed (in pellet, extrude or granule form).
Farms: Dissolve 10g of powder form supplement in about 300ml of water and then mix/spray it with/on 10kg of feed. When the feed becomes dry, spray fish oil or a type of vegetable oil (soy, sunflower, etc.) on the feed to make sure the supplement sticks to the feed.

Liquid Form
In farm, mix 10ml of liquid form of this supplement with at least 100ml of water and then spray/mix it on/with 10kg of feed. When the feed becomes dry, spray fish oil or a type of vegetable oil (soy, sunflower, etc.) on the feed to make sure the supplement sticks to the feed.

It is recommended to add 13g of powder and/or 13ml of Liquid forms of this supplement in every 10 kg of feed under stress conditions on farms.

Additional Information

  • ✔ Do not use other organic micronutrient supplements (such as amino acid, peptide, hydroxy analogue, polysaccharide or yeast-based chelates) along with this supplement in diets.
  • ✔ Make sure to close the container after each use. This supplement must be kept out of reach of children, away from direct sunlight, in a dry place, at room temperature and in the original container. Protect it from freezing.
  • ✔ The expiration date is 2 years after production if the container remains closed, and 12 months after it is opened.
  • Powder: 1kg bag and 20kg composite bag
  • Liquid: 1L bottle

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