High-Tech Nano Chelated NPK 20-20-20 Fertilizer


Increase in Yield & Root Production
This nano fertilizer is in powder form, completely soluble in water and absorbable through both foliar spraying (2-3 g/L) and soil application (8-15 kg/ha).

  • Properties
  • ✔ Containing 20% potassium, 20% nitrogen and 20% phosphorus in absorbable chelated form (contrary to chemical fertilizers that contain potassium oxide, phosphorus oxide and ammonium nitrate)
  • ✔ Compatible with the environment and without nitrate (contrary to chemical fertilizers that contain heavy metals, nitrate and environmental pollutants)
  • ✔ Speeding up shoot growth & dark green color development in plants
  • ✔ Increase in root, flower and grain formation
  • ✔ Photosynthesis regulator
  • ✔ Thickening stems & cell walls

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Direction for Use


  • ✔ 10-15 kg/ha according to the age of tree


  • ✔ 8-10 kg/ha during the growing season


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