High-Tech Nano Chelated Micro Plus Fertilizer


Quality & Quantity Increase in Green Space Plants
This nano fertilizer is in powder form, completely soluble in water and applicable according to the instructions on the package.

  • Properties
  • ✔ Containing 8% iron, 2% magnesium, 1.5% manganese, 0.5% boron, 0.5% molybdenum and 0.5% copper in absorbable chelated form
  • ✔ Increase in freshness, leaf area, greenness and photosynthesis
  • ✔ Active in enzyme systems of plant
  • ✔ Ionic balance, efficient micronutrients absorption and their increase accessibility to plant and consequently improved plant growth
  • ✔ Due to the complete presence of micronutrients in the unique formulation of this fertilizer, according to Leibig’s law of the minimum, absorption of basic elements and other important elements such as iron and zinc accelerates growth, quality and freshness to reach optimum level
  • ✔ Significant increase in efficiency of green space units
  • ✔ Preventing early leaf drop
  • ✔ Reducing greenhouse gases (co2) & air pollution and freshening the air in megacities by boosting green space efficiency

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Direction for Use


  • ✔ Foliar spraying & deep delving

Grass & bushes

  • ✔ Foliar spraying & fertigation


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