High-Tech Nano Chelated Copper Fertilizer 8%


Increase in Resistance to Diseases, Especially Fungi
This nano fertilizer is in powder form, completely soluble in water and absorbable through both foliar spraying (1 g/L) and soil application (1-2 kg/ha).

  • Properties
  • ✔ Containing 8% absorbable chelated copper
  • ✔ Disease prevention
  • ✔ Helpful in treatment of diseases and effective in reduction of their damage (maintaining yield & quality at optimum level)
  • ✔ Effective in photosynthesis, respiration and lignin production
  • ✔ Eliminator of retardation & reduction of inter nodes distance, small leaves and yellow spots on mature leaf veins
  • ✔ Increasing the number of flowers & fruits as well as treating twisted leaves in tomato
  • ✔ Preventing early death of terminal buds in citrus fruit
  • ✔ Preventing wrinkled & curled leaf veins
  • ✔ Increase in resistance to internal or external stimuli

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Direction for Use


  • ✔ At buds swelling


  • ✔ At tillering


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